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Stanley Black is a dissident, contrarian and general scallywag. He describes himself as a political artist but in the left leaning sphere of the artworld, culturally he promotes a the wrong type of politics.  In 2017 Stanley Black enrolled at Wimbledon College of Arts with the aim of exploring being and identity whilst investigating personal transformation and social reinvention through the use of persona. However, his work became increasingly politically driven as he questioned liberal taboos, challenged acceptable discourse within the academy and explored themes of censorship, cancel culture and no-platforming.

Stanley Black’s work attempts to critique the progressive assumptions that underpin contemporary art production and appreciation. He often tries to embed humour into his work but the art audience is a particularly tough crowd, so his jokes rarely land. Frequently using found objects and prefabricated goods his work attempts to question the value, function and use of art and by doing so question his own value, function and use as an artist.

Stanley Black continues his adventures in the artworld by exploring his wrong-think while attempting to gain respectability and acceptance.

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