Stanley Black describes himself as a political artist but in the left leaning sphere of the art world culturally, he promotes the wrong type of politics. Having just graduated from the University of the Arts London he is deeply opposed to political correctness which he sees as a direct assault on liberty, free thought and common sense. Interested in the role of the artist as provocateur his work explored the boundaries of taste, decency and acceptable discourse within the academy. Often his art was presented in a blunt and ham-fisted manner which won him scant critical praise, limited friends and few allies amongst polite company and the degree educated. His main area of research centred around freedom of speech and he had hoped to offer a critique of left wing thinking and the intersectional identity politics which he feels pervades all the main institutional instruments of power - politics, media, corporations and the educational apparatus. 

This section of the website is the written component as handed in to complete his course and is presented as a complete body of work, an artwork within itself and a digital archive of Stanley Black’s adventures whilst studying for his MFA Fine Arts at Wimbledon College of Arts.