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I wanted the collection of the data to become an art event, so rather than ask my colleagues to complete the survey online I decided to issue them with a paper copy. I wanted my form to have the appearance of an old school test and therefore decided to compose the statements on a typewriter. A few of the questions were racially quite spicy and due to my warning letter, I decided that I would redact these questions. This fitted in with my general practise during unit three, but I knew this would alter the results if anyone had decided to answer in a politically incorrect manner, although only being two questions I calculated that the effect on the overall test results would be minimal. At this stage my main risk was that my hypothesis was wrong and someone would appear outside the liberal left quadrant thus ruining the jape. I thought this may occur with the Asian students due to cultural differences on certain topics, luckily this did not transpire. My second risk was participation. The piece would only work if the majority of the group would agree to help me. I was more than happy that everyone got on board and kindly donated their time with only a few abstentions.   

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