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During a class meeting it was decided that it would be a good idea to arrange a group show which included the entire body of the year one students. As the university exhibition spaces and dates had been released it was agreed that these would serve our purpose due to the cheapness and availability of the locations. After a discussion with our course leader Edwina Fitzpatrick we all concurred that Chelsea Collage Of Arts would be a good space for the show. We then had the opportunity to think of a theme that night and then present our ideas the next day. I went and got drunk that night, however on the train the next day I started to think about the exhibition. My initial thought was that as we were displaying in Chelsea, we were in a sense making an incursion into their territory. With my interest in military thinking, I started to conceptualise this in the frame of an aggressive action. So, the theme of war and conflict arose. My primary aim, was to produce a poster that would act as a declaration of war, I thought it would be funny to embed within the poster, a series of insults against the other MA courses within the university, which I could then display in their own colleges as an art prank. During the course of the meeting, after some negotiation it was agreed that we would go with this theme. As it was my idea, I volunteered to write the proposal. Having spent a morning thinking and writing the document I was inspired to produce a spontaneous work which ended up as the piece ‘Getting Drunk With Debord (and/or The Creative Cul De Sac). This collage was a pivotal moment for my development during unit one because it was the first time I started to explore the theme of free speech/expression within my work.






The Angels Den, much like the television show, Dragons Den is a panel format. An opportunity is given for the students to show some work to industry insiders to discuss a problem or issue within their work. This again I felt was a perfect opportunity to reveal the costumed Stanley Black. The bulk of the body of work I produced for unit one I viewed as a vanity project with little or no commercial value. I was therefore interested in discussing prices and formats for my series of collages which I think are my best opportunity to sell my work. I presented this in a tongue in cheek manner which meant that my initial questions around pricing and multiples were not answered but an interesting debate around why we are motivated to make art ensued (with one of the panellists insisting making money is not one of them?) My favourite take away from the session came from the other panellist who at one point quizzically asked me, “I don’t know whether to take you seriously or not?" To which I simply replied “Neither do I?”

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