As an artist, I am currently exploring the ontological question of being being an artist in the world, not as an abstract metaphysical claim but rather as a pragmatic identity; which is cultivated through effort and then used to navigate the world. I use art as a self-transformative mechanism, building mythologies and constructing narratives around myself and my art with the purpose of investigating persona.

I have a large range of intellectual pursuits which all feed into my research. I adopt a multi-discipline approach and will choose my artistic medium depending on the context of the subject I am exploring. My work can range from the deeply personal to the overtly political but an attempt is always made to inject it with humour, gusto and working class sensibility.

I am fascinated with military strategic planning and tactics. Throughout this period I have been researching, through a

meta-performance the notion of 'legends'. A method deployed by undercover operatives who invent alternative identities with the aim of infiltrating interest groups, institutions or organisations with the purpose of gathering intelligence.